Calendar of Events

•September 2010 – Launch 2nd grade Vermicomposting/Soil Building (science standards)
– Earthroots hired with $1200 CA Fertilizer award to train GMs/teachers to compost with worms
$1200 includes training session for GMs and teachers at end of September and 1-2 guided class sessions.
– Every Thursday a 2nd grade class collects lunch food scraps and feeds worms afterwards – When and if the teachers like, they can add Square Foot Gardening to their 30 minutes monthly garden time
•September 2010 – Launch 4th grade Hot Composting Program (science standards)
– Master Gardener will train GMs/teachers how to hot compost at end of September and provide ongoing support when classes are in the garden composting – $800 from BEHR Paint will provides materials and supplies for program – Every Tuesday a 4th grade class visits the garden to tend to compost piles – When and if the teachers like, they can add Square Foot Gardening to their 30 minutes monthly garden time
•October 2010 – Pumpkin Patch Sales
– 4th and/or 5th graders will sell pumpkins.
– Proceeds will be put into PTO 4th and 5th grade field trip funds.

•November 2010
– K-5 Garden Master Program (GM program)
– The GM program is the basis of all other programs in the garden. It provides the plant and insect life for observation, interaction and evaluation.
– The core of the GM program are the demonstration lessons provided by our own Master Gardener. Classroom Garden Masters will participate in four workshops throughout the year. Garden Masters will learn specific that they will in turn teach their classes during their 30 minute monthly garden time.
– 2010/2011 school year K-4 will grow same crop throughout the year via Square Foot Gardening and 5th grade will compare and contrast direct sow/growing from seed. Square Foot Gardening is simple, efficient and provides the highest yield of produce possible.
– Garden Master volunteers – 2-4 per classroom ideal
– Classes visit the garden approx. six times per year – Western Growers $1500 grant funds GM program for 2009 and 2010.

•January 2011 – 2nd Grade Lifecycles Program
– 3 Mondays in January – 10, 24, 31
– Will apply for Tustin Public Schools $2000 grant for this program – Designed around 2nd grade Life Science standards (plants/insects) and relates directly to Beckman Science kits
•May 2011 – 5th Grade Water in our World Program
– 3 Thursdays in May – 12, 19, 26
– Tustin Public School Foundation grant for $1500 needed – Designed around 4th Grade Science Standards

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