Major Sponsors


Donates all soil amendments, mulching and fertilizer for garden.

Through TMA parent David Spinoglio, donates irrigation supplies, materials, tree trimming services, plants.

Covers blog development, design and hosting costs

Donates time and services of Master Gardener, Teena Spindler, who trains parent volunteers about seed to harvest programs.

Owner Mark Hay donates ongoing garden resources, labor and program development and design time .


$800 donation for 4th grade Hot Composting Program

$1,200 grant for 2nd grade Vermicomposting Program

$400 donation for edible seeds and plants
$2000 Grant for Green Bucks program.

$2,000 grant for 5th grade Water in the World Program

$1,500 grant for K-5 Garden Master Seed to Harvest Program


Donated soil test kits for composting programs.

Donates organic mulch.

Approved Tree Care
Prunes/laces garden trees.

(714) 966-9010

Donates irrigation supplies, labor and plants.

Co-owned by TMA parent Kurt Christy, donates materials and labor for all garden construction.

Donates irrigation supplies, labor and plants.

Crystalbrooke, Inc.
Owned by TMA parents Duncan & Michelle Millar, donate marketing services.

Donated 2,000 onion plants for fall 2012 garden and 200 to 2010 garden.

Donates worm bins materials, worms and services.

Owned by TMA parents Terry and Cathy Laughlin donates printing services for garden materials.

Donates brussel sprouts, potatoes and other produce.

Donates irrigation controller and subscription services.

Provides financial support

Donates time of TMA Master Gardener, Teena Spindler, to teach and train staff, parents and children.

Owned by TMA parents Michelle and Duncan Millar donate natural gourmet cookies at events.

Donates irrigation supplies.

Donated seed packets.

Donates irrigation supplies and plants.

Donated a 1,500 gallon water harvesting cistern.

Donates irrigation supplies and plants.

Donates ongoing resources and support

WM Vandergeest Landscapes
Donated hauling services for gravel and other construction materials

(714) 545-8432

TMA Family Supporters

Balian family

Barbara Biela family

Bauer Roberts family

Christy family

Dei Rossi family

Einck family

Frank family

Gallagher family

Howie family

Kinoshita family

McCarry family

Millar family

Miziker family

Maietta Weinberg family

O’Brien family

Quinn family

Resurreccion family

Spinoglio family

Ward family

Weissberg family

Whyte family

Nathan Richardson – Eagle Scout who designed, constructed and installed garden welcome gate

William Ryan Sueme – Eagle Scout who designed, constructed and installed garden work benches