Fond 2011 TMA Garden Memories


By Casey Gallagher, Guest Student Blogger
There were lots of fun memories of the TMA garden this year. For example, I loved making yummy onion rings.

I interviewed a student from each grade, asking them their favorite garden memory.

Kindergarten: Sean O’Brien said, “I loved planting carrots.”
First grade: Pricilla Vaglienty said, “I loved growing flowers.”
Second grade: Travis Doty said, ” It was fun to pull strawberries out of the ground.”
Third grade: Kelsey Adrian said, “I liked making onion sauce.”
Fourth grade: Graci Hoseley said, ” It was fun doing a compost.”
Fifth grade: Laura Bridenbaker said, “I loved growing the wonderful plants.”

A couple of teachers also shared a few of their garden memories.

“The students loved going to the garden! Hands-on experience is more valuable than just using the textbook. The students had wished that they had more time to dig and plant but they loved the composting activities.” — Mrs. Olson
“I have the best parent crews always. They take care of everything from start to finish… I only need to divide the kids into two groups. I love my Can You Dig It friends! The program has worked well for my kinders this year. In short: The program works best for me when my parents take 100% control of it. Mucho mahalo!” — Mrs. Hayden
Those are some awesome TMA Garden memories.

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