Garden Volunteers Aren’t Afraid to Get Their Hands Dirty


By Ashley Spinoglio, Third Grader
The garden work day a few weeks ago was very busy. We had 46 volunteers show up to help work in the garden for fall planting. Some of the jobs we did in the garden were pulling weeds, cutting pumpkins off the vines, cutting flowers, mixing soil in the planter beds and watering plants. The garden is growing such things as carrots, pumpkins and grapes.

Here are some things that the parent volunteers said.

Mr. Millar said “spending time with volunteers and parents” was his favorite part of the day.

Mrs. Weinberg said her favorite part of the day “was meeting new people and working with the volunteers.”

My dad, Mr. Spinoglio, said his favorite part was “fixing the irrigation system so the plants can get more water.”

Sophie Loeb from SLO Foods said “she enjoyed getting involved in the community and seeing what wonderful programs were going on in the garden.”

Everyone enjoyed working in the garden.

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