Life Cycles and This Year’s Expectations


In October, Mrs. Olson’s second-grade students visited the garden to learn about life cycles and how they relate to what they’ll be learning in the garden this year–worm composting.

Julianna had this to say about her experience:

“My experience with Mr. Hay was awesome. My favorite parts were drawing in journals and learning about the life cycle movements and doing them over, and over, and over again. Also, I loved watching over the worms in the black water-looking bin. I saw a couple friends holding the worms. I saw a couple of friends getting pooped on by the worms. YUCK! That was a fun experience. I love the TMA Garden.”

Without a doubt, they came away from the experience with a lot of excitement and are ready to put their new knowledge to work.

Charlotte is ready for all of the fun this year.

“I am looking forward to doing composting this year. It sounds really fun. I just can’t wait to plant some seeds. I want to learn more about butterflies this year. It sounds really fun. I like the slimy worms. The only thing I don’t really like about the worms is that they poop and pee on you but they’re still fun to play with and learn about. I want to see all the nice, ripe and sweet plants in the garden. I want to learn more about butterflies, plants and earthworms. I want to review all the things I learned with Mr. Hay again. I can’t wait to go back to the garden.”


Jack is ready to take action to make the garden grow, but is curious how long it will take to see the fruits of his labor.

“This year I am looking forward to doing a lot of fun things in the garden. I want to learn about how we can help make the garden even better then it is right now. I think I can make it better by watering it every time I go there. I also want to learn how long it takes for one plant to grow. In the future, I would like to help get food for the worms to make more soil (worm poop). I want to see the insides of a plant too. I think it will be a fun year in the garden.”


Finally, Medha is very interested to learn about how bugs help our plants.

“I am looking forward to learning about worms, life cycles, planting seeds and investigating fruits. I am very interested in plants and seeds. I want to learn about bugs that help plants grow. I like to take care of bugs and examine them. I want to check out compost piles and castings. This year it will be awesome to learn about plants and seeds.”

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