The Blog That Wears Many Hats


In this busy world that we live in, it’s great to go to one place that has everything you’re looking for, such as Target and Costco. Why do think we spend so much money at those places each year?

Like those popular retail stores, this blog is your one-stop shop for TMA Garden information–whether you’re a parent, student or Garden Master.

This week the Garden Masters, and you know who you are, attended their workshop training. During the training, they were told to visit our blog to get the resources necessary to perform their jobs in the garden.

The tabs along the top of this blog link to those resources:

Garden Layout
This shows you the current lay of the land in the garden for the 2012-13 school year. You’ll see the location of the class beds and what they’re growing
Find out what is happening in the garden each day. You’ll see who’s working in the garden as well as upcoming events, such as the cooking demos and trainings.

Visitation Schedules
Get the class visitation schedule for the entire year.

Garden Masters
Learn about the garden volunteer opportunities for each grade. Choose from planters, maintainers, explorers, composters and more. This tab includes descriptions and instructions for each Garden Master job.

Here you’ll find the contact information for our parent garden team.

The TMA blog is also a great place to get information on upcoming events, garden stories from student bloggers, recipes using produce grown in our garden and details about community members who generously donate to our garden.

Contact Information