TMA Garden Receives Donation Worth More Than $5,000


Kellogg, one of our garden’s major sponsors, recently donated bags of gypsum, soil amendments and mulch. We’ll use these bags during our May and July garden workdays. This material will help prepare our soil for planting in the fall.

Known as a premium garden soil, potting soil, mulch and fertilizer provider, Kellogg has been donating to the TMA garden for more than two years. Each year this California-based business provides us with amended soil in the fall and again in the spring. Their delivery includes 125 bags of material worth more than $5,000. Thank you, Kellogg!

Here’s the donation breakdown:
-10 bags of Greenhouse Granular Gypsum
-20 bags of G & B Soil Buildling Compost Natural and Organic Soil Amendment -6-8 yards of all-purpose organic mulch
-25 bags of CF Patio Plus -15 bags of Master Nursery Gardner’s Gold Organic Potting Soil -20 bags of G & B chicken

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