My TMA Garden Experience


Ryan Solomon, Guest Blogger From Ms. Mahar’s Third Grade Class

I highly recommend going to the TMA garden because of all the wonderful sights like seeing all the plants and the growing develop. Last Thursday, when I went there with my teacher Ms. Mahar’s class, I enjoyed seeing all the magnificent bugs like the butterflies, moths and I saw a giant pill bug. In the Native Garden, I was highly fascinated in seeing the caterpillar my classmates found there that looked like a long skinny marshmallow with yellow and black stripes. We also found a green chrysalis hanging below a bird house with gold highlights. It was a Monarch butterfly chrysalis. Right next to it was an empty chrysalis. I wonder where that butterfly went to? I was also intrigued by learning how to plant and space correctly the carrot seeds that we planted. I can’t wait to see what colors the carrots turn out to be. In conclusion, I love seeing all the plants growing each time I go there and finally seeing the vegetables for sale at the TMA produce sale each week. I am a great customer!

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