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This year students will be able to earn Green Bucks by exhibiting exceptional behavior during their garden visitations. The Green Bucks are worth $0.50 at the Garden Sale and can’t be replaced. Hang on to them until a Tuesday Garden Sale, and turn them in for an after school snack.

Every year we count on contributions from the community to keep our garden growing. For the past three years Kellogg has supported us by donating soil, amendments, fertilizer, and other ground cover that we use throughout our garden. Each Fall and Spring we’re greeted by an amazing shipment like the one shown below.


If you’d like to support our garden, please get in touch with us via email at tmagarden@

Who would have guessed first graders like salad? In March, Mrs. Potsdam’s students harvested lettuce and peas, and had a feast afterwards, enjoying letuce and peas with ranch dressing! Many students asked for seconds, and all were able to see the beauty of growing your food, harvesting it yourself, washing it, and putting it on your plate to enjoy!









Tustin Memorial receives fertilizer grant November 23, 2010|By ocregisterTUSTIN – Tustin Memorial Academy Elementary School has been awarded a $1,200 grant for fall 2011 from the California Fertilizer Foundation.

Each year the Foundation awards grants to 24 schools that either have existing student gardens or have an interest in creating them.


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